Some Common Golf Injuries

Published July 30, 2014 by neilsussmanllp

Neil Sussman, of the firm Sussman & Frankel, practices law in New York City. He works with many clients, including financial institutions, in matters such as securities regulation, commercial litigation, and more. Neil Sussman enjoys golfing in his spare time.

Though golf is generally considered a safe sport, between 15 and 20 percent of golfers suffer some sort of injury each year. The vast majority of these injuries pertain to overuse, but some more traumatic injuries may occur; more than half of touring professionals have curtailed their careers due to injury. The repetitive actions involved in golf swings can create strain on tissue.

The most common injury in golf is low back pain, which represents roughly 20 percent of total golf injuries. Other common issues include pain of the foot, knee, shoulder, and elbow. Amateur golfers generally lack the conditioning needed to support golf’s wide swings. Research suggests that those who golf recreationally are injured more frequently than those golfing at the professional level. Furthermore, the incidence of injury appears to grow with age. As the body gets older, tendons and joints become more vulnerable to stress. Those suffering from injuries should consult a physician or orthopedist.

In many instances of strain-related injury, refining technique can eliminate the problem. For example, low back pain caused by faulty swings can often be reformed with the help of a professional.